So we left off at the point where I got myself into a rehab clinic. And you may be wondering, if you read my bio, how I got to the point I am at now. Well, the journey wasn’t a straight line, and it definitely wasn’t easy. After finishing my rehab stint, I found myself in need of a job. But not many people are in the business of hiring drop out former junkies. Fortunately, I had a family friend who was willing to give me a shot. I began working at an auto mechanics, helping to balance his books. I’ve always had a mind for business, and for numbers, so this work came easily to me. For the first time in a while I was responsible for my own way, and actually enjoying what I was doing.

After helping with his business, I got an opportunity to help a friend of his with his carpet cleaning business in Australia, This trend continued for a few months where I would travel from business to business and help them sort out their finances in a way that helped them generate more profit, and reduce costs. For the first time in a long time, I felt needed, and I felt like I was actually helping people sort out their own lives. I have to tell you, it felt great. So after making up some money, enough to have a bit of savings anyway, I decided to enroll in night classes at my local college, to learn how to be a financial advisor. To do the job I had been doing, but with my own name on the company logo.

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The route I’ve been taking in order to put as much distance as possible between my past and my future, is the journey of a thousand miles. I can’t say that a horrible past is guaranteed to make a horrible future, but it does present its issues. I remember being in the height of my problem time, and being scared to ask for help, ask for money, ask for opportunities, because I thought I had burned all of my available bridges. It took some time to work up the courage to admit to people that I knew I had an issue, and that I was really ready to do something about it.

Even as my addictions ramped up, I was still somewhat on the path to success, I had finished high school with good enough grade, enrolled in business college, and was on track to do something worthwhile with my life and time. But there was always this part of me that hated to work and loved to have a good time. And slowly, that one side of me began to overpower the other, and next thing I knew, I was out of school, out of work, and out of options.

I can remember my epiphany moment, I was in a bathroom stall at an abandoned gas station, I had just finished my dose, and was enjoying the feeling of the rush coming on. That whole body tremor that can’t really be duplicated unless you’re scared, but in a pleasant way. It’s hard to describe. The point though, is that I was enjoying this feeling, when I heard a popping sound outside of the section of the building I was in. I thought at first that it may have been a car, or something more natural, but eventually the coherent part of me knew that it had been gunshots.

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Tim Robbins – Keys To Massive Success

Hey guys, a friend of mine sent me a video yesterday by the well known motivational speaker Tony Robbins who I really admire and have been following for some time now. He goes on to talk about how 90% of people break there new year resolutions by January 15th and why they’re more likely to because of the standards they set themselves. This video really inspired me and actually made me take action on a specific thing in my life, right there and then. Anyways, I’m posting the video, The Keys To Massive Success by Tony Robbins just below us as we speak, I hope you enjoy…

So, what did you think?

Have you kept your resolution alive?

Did you make the right one?

What is your vision?

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Welcome To The Independent Report

Hi I’m Seth, and my friends and I have started a blog, it’s called the Independent Report. None of them were willing to step up and take responsibility in mentioning their names on any of the contact details of this website so your stuck with me, for now. In time I plan on warming them up to the idea of writing blog posts and giving credit to the authors, they were like “I’ll write a post but I’ll just say it was you”, like it’s some kinda place where people are watching you 24 / 7 or something. I’m like, “it’s a blog man just write something cool about what’s going on in life and I’ll give you credit”, it’s not like anyone knows who you are or even if someone googled your name it’s not going to show up.
Anyways, welcome to the blog I hope you enjoy reading the posts that will appear here over time and hope we can keep it consistent enough for you and keep you entertained.

To start off I’ll keep it short in saying that in life we need to look at ourselves more than once to really engage and find the real you, what I mean is people deserve second chances and in some cases three chances. This comes from my own personal encounters in life, it all started when I was 17 years old when my friends older brother let us try some weed. It didn’t take much after that, it became a regular occurrence and started the ball rolling. After weed it was crack then heroin and that’s were it started getting real bad, I had no job and was totally addicted to these drugs and needed to do whatever it took to get my fix. So the most two common things that drug addicts do to get what they need is steal or sell, so I did both. To cut a very long story short about 3 years ago I stumbled on to a guy who had a very similar life to mine but the only difference was he was 46 years old and looked like he was 66. He was a very nice man but he was so far gone that he would constantly be talking to himself and needed injections every few hours just to keep him going, he said to me “stop while you can it only gets worse”, he died about 3 weeks later, 46 years old.

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