We played again like a clenched fist, coach Trpišovský

While Saturday’s 0: 3 defeat in the Jablonec derby was the coach of Liberec footballers Jindřich Trpišovský very disappointing, after a 3-0 win over Karabakh in the European League, he praised his best performance in the season. He was pleased that Severočesi fulfilled his wishes and maintained the hope for a success in the last match of the basic group in PAOK in Thessaloniki in December. “We made such a weak patch for derby in Jablonec, “Our Saturday performance in the derby was the worst in the time I was in Liberec, it was one advantage that it could not have been worse,” he said after the match with Karabach Trpišovský

“In Jablonec, we sat in the dressing room for about 20 minutes and there was a lot of sharp words from all sides.The players then evaluated it and met after the match at the stadium. I was not there, but they were saying things that were not quite right. As you can see, it was to the benefit of the thing. “

It was a matter of relations between the players. ” I do not say it was something serious, it was more of a player . We had a time when it did not work. There have been some speeches on the pitch in terms of fighting, engagement and responsibility. So the days before the match did not mean that we had to play together as a team that must be holy for us.I would like to praise our players that they played again like a clenched fist after a long time, “said Trpišovský.

Karabach came to Liberec with a team card that won seven times in a row without a goal and journalists from Azerbaijan before the games joked whether the coach of the Slovan could make a charm when he wanted to beat his opponent. “I gave you my advice and in the evening I walked around the magic and the circus in Liberec. I’ve learned some spells, so thank you for the advice, “Trpišovský joked.

His team won for the first time in five games with only one goal. ” I think seriously behind It was not a spell, but perhaps one of the best performances of our team in the season. And the transformation? I think the league is a bit different than a cup.Europe is a little bit different, “he said. ” It’s always about the key moments. Now we have the first goal, in Jablonec we did not penalize in the 0: 0 situation. On Saturday there were key moments against us, today to us. But it’s only one match and I do not want to fly in the clouds and say that everything is fine, “he added.

His team needs to win on PAOK Thessaloniki on December 8, hoping to The defeat of Karabakh and Fiorentina. “It is a great addition to us that we do not go to Thessaloniki in quotation marks just for a trip and play money, but also a possible sporting success. In front of the group, we wanted to have a chance in the last round. We have done this and we appreciate it.Although there is a question of what kind of staff we go to because we have health problems. We are waiting for three difficult matches during the week, only then is Thessaloniki, “added a coach.