Turín FC – SS Lazio 2:2

The Turin FC stopped their series of wins on points it robbed another pleasant surprise fall of Serie A. Although the Turin lead thanks to goals from Iago Falqueho, finally was much loved for point. He won Adem Ljajić up at the set time of the second half.

Lots of interesting match was played at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin, where with the local FC competed Rome Lazio. It was a battle of two teams that rely on a lot of offensive playing style and the squad is based on two shooters who would eventually have to pull the Italian national team. The home jersey again joined the trio Belotti, Ljajić and Falque, goalkeeper Joe Hart then became defensive Four Zappacosta, Rossettini, Castán and Barreca.

Lazio relied on shooters Cira Immobileho, which complemented Andreson with Keita. Before goalkeeper Marchetti Four was played by Basta, Wallace, Hoedt and Patric. Reinforcements like Alberto or Leitner still remain only on the bench. Lazio tried hard to attack and create, but most of his chances liquidated goalkeeper Hart in collaboration with some stoppers Castán. After ten minutes, he rushed into the match Immobile, with whom speed duel absolutely could not manage Luca Rossettini. But yet he burned out.

Players of both teams knew very well who is this dangerous man in the opposite team, so Belotti or Immobile on the other side of the ball not so much neglected. Others had to intervene. After twenty minutes to get downtown on the side of Davide Zappacosta that great city found on limestone less occupied Iago Falqueho. This is not a typical Rivet, but today he came out perfectly – 1: 0 for Turin!

After half an hour Benassi looking at the front post Belottiho, but he was outnumbered robbed of the ball. Ten minutes before going into the locker room with Lazio almost rejoiced. Run the ball to get the player to directly called up – Keita Balde. His speed defenders Turin while vainly chased, but Keita sent a slow shot the ball just past the post! Lazio have such a comparison had to wait until the second half.

Ten minutes after the change of sides is active Lazio again tried to score a goal, and this time he had to help goalkeeper Joe Hart. England goalkeeper tried hilarious shot striker Ciro Immobile, who ran the defense Turin and got millimeter passport from Danila Cataldiho. But goalkeeper Hart distinguished himself by his wound and pulled struggled over the bar! Lazio had to turn more into the game and was therefore sent Filip Đorđević.

Lazio have been more active and total household giving the impression as if led by five wickets and did not play. But they were punished twenty minutes before the end, when the center received from the Brazilian Felipe Anderson. His passport was heading to the back post where it was freer Ciro Immobile. The young striker was afraid acrobatic finish, which proved plus cool kick over my head! Hart did not manage to react and started from scratch.

After 80 minutes, he came on the field visiting talent Alessandro Murgia, who became an important figure. Five minutes later Lazio flocked in front of the home gateway and Immobileho wound fantastically destroyed goalkeeper Hart. On the subsequent corner but just hopped best young midfielder Murgia and its head keeper Hart did not have a chance. His defenders Hart left alone and lost in Turin.