The young hockey players surprised: they beat Russia, Slovaks are waiting in the quarterfinals

The coaches of coach Miroslav Preroost were near the damnation: if Russia did not defeat, the tournament would fall by a fiasco – a struggle to maintain. Instead, however, turnover has come. This is an important match, and now he can fulfill his original goal and fight for the medal.

The biggest concerns were players from the opening minutes that were a huge problem in the current championship. Not against Russia! The Czechs jumped very closely into the match and almost did not let their opponents end. Miroslav Svoboda, who appeared for the first time among the three sticks, did not have to go too far, most of the work was done for him.

But the Czech youth at the front did.They obviously took the lead to the point that they must shoot mainly, goalie Šestjorkin, unlike his counterpart, had to do. Not only that, at the beginning of the 12th minute, Czech enthusiasm could have been excited.

After a quick combination, the most productive Czech player in the tournament, David Pastrňák, found Patrik Zdráhal, the loser, and he did not hesitate. Also in the rest of the introductory third, she had a representation of game predominance, but in another goal she did not. After the first act, she had a significant 12: 3 shotgun.

And in great form was Pavel Zacha, who was constantly on fire with his Russians.After four and a half minutes, he set up the event, and the Pukr returned to his puck and, with a precise swing of the ring of the ring, he sent the Czech squad to a two-line lead. After half an hour, complications arose when Jan Ščotka pulled the rescue brake and the jail Ordered the shooting. This was done by Ivan Barbashjov, Miroslav Svoboda, but his intention was to read and write a very important procedure, which he did not forget to celebrate properly.

However, Barbašjov himself corrected his hesitation a few minutes later. During the first game of the first game, the attentive defense failed, and the Russians ended up leaking two in no-man’s way. The Czechs had the strongest possible lead before the third third.

He could soon expand, but his snake shot but stamped the stick.It was as if the goal had been judged by him, but only a moment later he found himself in a separate escape – and this time he did not give Šestjorkin the slightest chance to intervene. But the Russians did not give up. In particular, during two blinds, they showed a showcase in the attack zone, but the defenders jumped to the missiles, and when they had slipped, they had a great freedom with her.

The gate was also open to possible counter-attacks. Jan Mandat could double twice, as did David Pastrňák, but not one of them did not play a wheel through the equipment of a Russian goalie. In the end, the opponent tried the game in six, but he took advantage of Ondřej Kaš and seals the final 4: 1. After all the peripetials at the beginning of the tournament, they can eventually celebrate the retreat.They move to Montreal on a Thursday and call on Friday at Bell Center during the federal derby Slovakia.