The KHL playoff starts, the game is 10 Slovaks and favorite Dinamo

MOSCOW. Battle for the coveted trophy in the KHL will begin on Friday struggles the first round of the Western Conference, a day later will be added teams from the East.

The trophy of the last two years defending Dinamo Moscow, jersey underpinning Dominik Graňák. The defender, however, is currently on the list of injured with a broken leg.

Dinamo waiting for a home playoff Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. Series of four victories begins struggles 7 and 8 March in the Russian capital.Dinamo has a slick essential part, in which the best team throughout the competition.

The other team in the West SKA will meet the attractive force measurements with CSKA Moscow and Lev Praha Czech representative will welcome the introduction on the home ice of the Croatian rookie Medveščak Zagreb.

It will also combat the Slovaks Juraja Mikuša and Lukáš Cingeľa on one side and Ivan Švarný on the other. To Zagreb it will premiere fights in the playoffs, where he got as a freshman.

Other well represented Slovakia will be in series between Donbass Donetsk and Dinamo Riga.The conscript Ukrainian team should get a chance to Ján Laco, the defensive support include Peter Podhradský. The offensive Dinamo they will make trouble Marcelo Hossa a Haščák. Crude is among the leaders in weakening

Slovak hockey player Thomas was raw in the KHL this season with four goals in Liverpools net as his team shorthanded. Together with Ansel Galimovom, D. Boyd, Niclas Anderson and Brandon Bochenski is the best statistics.

All 54 matches of the game happened 69 hockey players, Geoff Platt took even the 56 duels.The first forty played for Dinamo Minsk and then after crossing graduated šestnásťzápasovú portion for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

The goalkeeper is the recorder Vasilij Košečkin of Magnitogorsk, which improved its last year’s peak of more Čerepovca jersey and joined the 51 duels.

The best scorer is 34-Goal Sergej Moziakin who took care of 20.7% accurate hits Magnitogorsk.

Best Setter is Czech Jan Kovář that charges primarily Moziakinovi and generally mate in Metallurg prepared 45 goals.

Blacksmith gathered together plus-46 points, a new record for the competition.About one PLUSKAL surpassing Patrick Thoresen four years ago. Program eight playoff and Slovaks:

Dinamo Moscow (Dominik Graňák) – Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

SKA – CSKA Moscow

Lev Praha (Juraj Mikuš, Luke Cingeľ) – Medveščak Zagreb (Ivan Švarný)

Donbass Donetsk (Ján Laco, Peter Podhradský) – Dinamo Riga (Marcel Hossa, Marcel Haščák)

Metallurg Magnitogorsk – Admiral Vladivostok

Barys Astana (Kristián Kudroč) – Avtomobilist Y.

Bars Kazan – Sibir Novosibirsk

Torpedo NN – Ufa (Tomáš Záborský)