The exhibitions have begun, surprisingly high traffic

BRATISLAVA. “Of course I’ll remember Paula, and my wife often calls Majka (Demetrius, note.) I still have my phone number stored in the mobile, sometimes when I list it, I still see it there, Hockey player Miroslav Šatan said after Saturday’s hockey exhibition in Bratislava.

A strong moment has been the recent tracking of the demo for the demo movie. The premiere will take place on 7th September 2014, exactly three years after the tragic plane crash with the expedition of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

“It is a good thing that such a film was shot, it was very emotional, but there are even more merry moments.” Anyone who loved a man or just cheered from afar, Finds interesting and gives something.Ball performances, whether in a representation or in St. Louis, will definitely stay in the memory of hockey fans.

A three-day exhibition of ice hockey meetings in honor of Pavel Demiter among the Slovak Stars and St. Louis Blues Alumni not only fulfilled its purpose, but both organizers and players exceeded all expectations.

The audience in Poprad, Trencin and Bratislava filled the stadiums to watch the ice hockey championship and together reminded the legendary Slovak hockey player who had been tragically killed three years ago during an air crash.

In addition, matches were also beneficial in character, financial returns from the stock went to the development of youth hockey in Slovakia.The sum of 225,000 US dollars was distributed by Zdene Ciger Academy, Igor Libu and Pavel Demiter’s Primary School in Dubnica nad Váhom.

“I was expecting one of the matches in Poprad or Trencin to be sold out, and six to eight thousand viewers will come to Bratislava, but visitors have exceeded all my expectations,” Peter Šťastný, one of Organizers of the four-day event. Former captain of the team has joined both teams – for Slovakian stars and hockey celebrities. Louis Blues. In duels, he played with his sons Yan and Paul as well as brother Antonio. “Pało was a darling tribune, he does not forget the stars and I’m glad that the audience will still be learning.All three matches were very good and I think they have met expectations, “said Ľubomír Višňovský.

All the three duels ended in a symbolic draw and so the audience saw the judging in the final raid screens. : 8 after the raids, in Trencin 15:14 sn and in the capital at the biggest goalscorers 18:17 sn. Bodke for the whole action gave the transformed Petra Šťastný raid.

“It was about to be here again They met, they called, they remembered Paola, they made good goals. It was mainly fun for people. He would not want us to weep here. It is a pity that we are not here anymore, “said Višňovský. 38 minutes after the game was stopped, the 38th minute of the meeting was the most serious moment.At that time, the whole stadium rose and, in the aftermath of the applause, gave up with the players the ties of a Slovak legend.

On Saturday, the Slovnaft arena was lit by the magical number 38 that was worn by Demir on the jersey. In Bratislava, after the last match of Slovaks in the World Championship 2011, he played with a representative career.

“It was a beautiful memory, and at the end of my tear,” Vrsnovsky admitted, adding that he often thinks of Demetri. “Almost every day, I personally miss a lot, we met together, on ice and out was one of my best friends, he was a big hockey star, so no one connected the nation like him.It was a little bit for you, you saw it…”he sent his friend a greeting to heaven.

Miroslav Šatan, who just like Višňovský played for the selection of Slovak Stars, P>

“I like to play with boys, it was another hockey as he would have waited for me at KHL. Matches were exponential in nature, and it was especially fun to people.

The opponent was in the middle of many attractive names, former NHL players, which also helped fill the stadiums. The main motive of this triumph was the memory of Paula and the financial support of his school, “said the captain of the world champions of Göteborg, who finished his rich player career in May after the world championship in Minsk.