Slovak is going to the competition, where they cry and hardened men

The most demanding ultramarathon that takes place in Alaska in the winter. Contestants can go skiing, on foot or on a bicycle.

They follow the same route where the famous dog contests take place – from Knik to Nome, which is a thousand miles away.

The competition originated in 1987 and the route was shorter (210 miles).

Shorter routes are 120 and 350 miles.

A thousand-mile route (around 1600 km) can take 14 to 30 days for a racer. / P>

The record on fatbike is held by Jeff Oatley, who went through the whole route in ten days, two hours and 53 minutes.The fastest woman is Jill Horner (17 days, 3 hours, 46 minutes).

“In the past, I spent climbing, I went hiking and alpine touring. Mountains always attracted me and I have been close. And sometime in 2004 – 2005 I captured Správičky the Čech Honza Kopka won the race in Alaska for a thousand miles. It fascinated me. It was something amazing. I started to look for information. It took longer, but gradually I got into this competition. This winter I attended training camp and two ultramarathon in Norway and Finland. One year, I would have had a start in Alaska. “

” I was preparing for marathons and long triathlon. But it was for me and quite sophisticated.I was attracted to something longer, and I would not have to look at the sporttester. So I started preparing for cycling ultramarathon. I always enjoyed training for longer endurance and multidimensional competitions. There is only a small part of the overall physical training. It is a huge challenge and a lot of details are important. You have to believe in what you are going to do. In extreme competitions like Iditarod, a little hesitation can cost you life. It’s really dangerous. “Video //

“Now I graduated from a camp organized by Iditarod people. After that, the Fat-Viking race was in Geile, Norway. They were bad conditions.Traditionally, there lives at that time a lot of snow and frost proper, only that the race is first warmed, the snow began to melt, and then it was frozen. It was madness. We had to go 170 kilometers through the ice, which was unbelievably bumpy. You must constantly be alert to not fall. To me it happened only once, but they were people who fell frequently. And even worse is that if you go only by the light of headlamps. It was very dangerous. Well I managed to get sixth place. “

” The condition of the organizers is to complete two races recognized that the application not addressed. Moreover, I was in a camp where they can learn about the candidates.Week we bivouacked outside and they watched as we have equipment, and we use it as we are ready. On the campsite we have received the certificate. Who was in it only the signature of the clerk of the course, it should go at least one more race to have some participation. Who had the certificate signature and the Marshal, a start in Alaska this almost certain. I’ve got both. It means that if I sign, so I’m sure start the Iditarod Trail Invitational at the 350-mile route. But I would rather go around longer, which is one thousand miles. Not everyone’s permit, but I would not want to try. “Loading…

It is essential to not get wet in.In Alaska as lakes and rivers, through which it passes, and although there biting frost, it may happen that you just collapse under the ice. If you get wet, now dry. And the same is true if the commercials. Pot freezes. Spare things with them nobody takes. If you during the race changed clothes as soon as something put off once it freezes and you do not wear it. “Štefan Chmel

” Yes. This year, temperatures were about minus fifty degrees and strong winds. Surrendered about 30 people. But this is not anything special, because they have been years when no one came to the finish. They were also harsh conditions, they surrendered all. Tisícmíľovej on the route arrives at its destination on average zero to six people.For the entire history of this track managed only around 60 people. This contest can not go with that win. You think just to have made it and came to the finish. Success will affect many factors. You can be the best prepared and have the best equipment, but you are wrong and bike in the forest far from civilization have no chance to fix it. It can not be prepared. You can train, can do everything, but still something you can stop. Even the toughest guys are crying because they can no longer. “

” I Respect huge. But if I were afraid, I would not have gone into it. I will not make a hero of yourself at all costs. If I did not believe, however, did not let go, I would do it.But you have to have respect. Indeed, some control points that you need to go, are spaced apart and 200 miles. It is almost like from Bratislava to Prague. But there’s nothing as wilderness. And it may be minus 50 degrees. You have to believe at least enough to freeze in such nespanikárili. The risk is too much. “Iditarod – Hops (9 photos)

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