Piešťany counted with the 20th, goals were secured by Nemec and Románek

BRATISLAVA – The home hockey players were more experienced at the start of the 20-minute battle with the more experienced Piešťany, but could not defend the attackers from the 1st and 20th minute. Already in the 40’s he fought the puck in the corner of Salija, moved him in front of the goal and Nemec twice pushed the puck behind Sabol’s back. The second goal was added by Románek after a nice Brňáková pass, the puck to the goal conveyed by the home goal congratulations.

The two-goal lead of the hockey player “twenties” did not break. In the 22nd minute, Rzavsky fired the right ring, and Tibenský pushed the puck for Tomek – 1: 2. The equalizer was on the hockey stick in the 28th minute Gašpar, but the leak ended only in the left concrete of the goalkeeper Piešťany.A minute later, he fired from the blue line Dinda, but his attempt ended at the top of Tom’s Shrine.

rather Platonic as real and in the last minute at the power-play Trail Grade of the empty goal of HK Orange 20, the score has not changed. HK Orange 20 – ŠHK 37 Piešťany 1: 2 (0: 2, 1: 0, 0: 0)

< > Goals: 22. Tibenský (Rzavsky) – 1. V. Nemec (Melichárek, S. Saliji), 20. J. Románek (Brňák)
Shots: 3: 4 for 2 min, 0, decided by: Müllner – Junek, Šefčík, 335 viewers.

HK Orange: .Mikuš, Bačik – Horanský, Šimun, Skalický – Tibenský, R. Gašpar, Rzavský – P. Koyš, D. Rehák, Minárik – M. Trenčan, Mlynčár, Schroner

Piešťany T. Tomek – A. Drgoň, Valábik, Brňák, R. Filip, Skadra, Biro, Bučka, Cunik – Melichárek, V. Nemec, S. Saliji – J. Ručkay, M. Bartánus , J. Románek – Lušňák, Holovič, Stupka – Šišovský, Chylo, Toman

Ernest Bokroš (coach HK Orange 20): “Today we started against the experienced team. to play disciplined, because we only had the chance to keep pace with the Piestans, and my winners have repeated a good performance from Tuesday, with our junior finals ahead.” ” We were looking forward to the first match and we felt a slight nervousness before him. He was waiting for us a hard opponent, who showed very good performance already on Tuesday against Trenčín. This trend has been confirmed by us. We scored a goal in the first minute, but he started the home game. In the second part, the opponent lowered, played well and we were worried about the result until the end of the match. “