Nitrania conquered Piešťany, Stoumpel also assaulted

PIEŠŤANY – In the 7th minute he stumbled on Stümpel, but he did not beat Tomek in bluff. Three minutes later Mišura moved to the bar, but Kristan was in place. At the end of the 18th minute Stümpel went again to Tomek, but the goal was not there. The home team played at the end of the third in weakness and near the final klakson their leading goal fell when Holovič knocked a hard shot of Raisa. Nitrania immediately at the beginning of the second third equalized, when at 17 o’clock Stümpel stood puck for Tomekov back. In the 25th minute the guests went two on one and Piaka sent Nitra to the leadership. The home team played in weakness and Kristan made a mistake at the start of the 27th minute, Haring took his puck, won the Stupka, who returned it and was balanced. The guests then played the power play 5 against 3, but without goal use. At 36.min-reared Piešťan rehearsed the guests when Jakub recorded to Henrich Ručkay, who laid Tom and it was 2: 3.

ŠHK 37 Piešťany – HK Nitra 3: 5 (1: 0, 1: 3, 1: 2)
Goals: 20. Holovič (Rais), 27. Haring (Stupka), 56. T. Melichárek (V. Nemec, R. Filip) – 21. Stümpel , Pupak), 25. Piačka (Lelkeš, Bajtek), 36. H. Ručkay (J.Ruckay), 44. Miroslav Kováčik (Nadasdi, H. Ručkay), 49. Lelkeš (M. Novak, Piačka)
Shots: 5: 1 in 2 minutes, Bundil, Jonák – Junek, Svekensny, 2110 viewers

Piešťany: Tomas – Rais, Brnak, R. Filip, Drgon, Bucek, Cunik, Škadra, Biro – Lušňák , Holovič, Stupka – T. Melichárek, V. Nemec, F. Hudec – S. Saliji, Hamrak, Chylo – Haring, Misura, A. Hruška

Nitra: – Nádašdi, D. Milo, P. König, Ordzovský, F. Kuzma, Ďurkech, Piačka, M. Novak – H. Ručkay, Miroslav Kováčik, J. Ručkay – Bajtek, Stümpel,

Milan Klement (coach Piešťan): “Nitra had a better start than we did. 9thwe did score a second of a game but in the second third we went badly. We did the wrong change and it was balanced. We have to play more openly, we have made many defects today, for which Nitra punished us and won the victory. Of course, if the team wants to win, they have to do some things to get that result done. “

Antonin Stavjena (coach of Nitra): players to boast, not to make mistakes today, the status of the meeting would be even better, we had a lot of fans here. We are still waiting for six games to concentrate to make the competition cool. “