Nitra was only a few minutes from the process: Elected on home ice did not hold the lead

ZVOLEN – The third quarter-final match between Nitra and Zvolen has begun under the Pusty Castle at a brisk pace. Both teams created the opportunity right online klađenje uživo from the start, the biggest ones burned home in the 52nd second in the number 2 to 1, Podkonický sent puff P. Zuzin, who did not have a good shot.

On the opposite side threatened 20 s later than Šimko Kováčik and J. Ručkay. In the 2nd minute, Kristan and Free Hebar did not place the Hebar and in the 4th minute he tried mildly before the goalman HKM twice L. Novák. The electors played three games in a row and the other took advantage. A sharp pass from the squadron led to the skittle of the unfortunate Bajtek, the puck being followed by the goalkeepers – 1: 0. A lot of advantage was later attributed to Nitrano, L. Novák did not make the most of it.They could equalize the guests in the 18th minute when they ran to a goal in the 3-to-1 number, but Mrazz did not, and Šimka puck did not surprise his shot.

After the break of the hockey players, Zobora continued in the second game and Tománek was in a good position, and he did not get close. In the 26th minute he tried H. Ručkay, but priručnik za online sportsko klađenje the more interesting was Tománek’s individual penetration 3 minutes later without any effective ending. The home team was in the middle of the game. Hraško shot from behind the circle and scored a shot. However, Nitra was more active and paid off. In the 32nd minute he fired from the Ordzovsky Circle and after Lelkesa the puck finished behind Šimko – 1: 1. The managing master raised his head and settled in the 34th minute.First he got ahead of Kristan on the left side of Brabenec, goalie Nitry was attentive, but in a few seconds he was not entitled to bekhend Hraška, who was torn off using a nice pass by P. Zuzin – 2: 1. Once again, the guests crossed the higher turns and created a goal opportunity. Tománek, Bača and Bytek overcame their defeat. Before the break, however, they threatened “bryndziari”. The goal of the Nitriansky brankář was not to succeed Koreň, Čanka and Ďaloga.

In the third third, first elected hockey players, namely P.Zuzin and Hraško, were reluctant to win the coach of Stavjaň. In the 45th minute after the mistake of P. Zuzin the puck went on the stick H. Ručkaya, who fired over the goal, but Kováčik – 2: 2.It was 41 seconds to turn the turn of the Backa free Segľa, before the goal did not have the problem to make Smik – 2: 3. The home team has long been spurned by these blows, chances were reached in the 53rd minute of Podkonický, he did not succeed before Kristan. Coach Jaroslav Török (assistant coach of Zvolen): “We have played a good game with a lot of chances and a lot of chances, and we have entered the competition with the effort to play our opponents, the 46th minute, when we collected two goals and we did not remember that.I think the boys did a good job, trying to push into the space of the goal, but unfortunately it did not work out today. The big stain of the match was the injury of Milan Jurík, after Bortňák of another center. “

Antonin Stavjana (coach of Nitra): ” Today it was hockey in the high tempe and with a lot of chances. In the end, it was a psychological struggle that showed fatigue and nervousness. We could have a little more strength and security. We have broken the goals from situations that have not yet been unloaded. These were the moments that the hands were tied up by the home.

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