Marián Hossa enjoys parenthood, naming a hamster to his daughter

CHICAGO. Slovak Hockey Representative Marián Hossa has been a double father since November of last year and can enjoy parenting in spite of the status of the first-class professional champion.

In a panel discussion called Blackhawks Baby Boom! The experienced 35-year-old Chicago striker has revealed family shots from privacy and the reader’s great responses greatly enjoyed those present. In Blackhawks, children are growing up

“I’ve been in the club for over five years, before I worked in different teams where we had older players, so there was a child’s joke in the backgammon of the organization and I felt it normal.When I came to Chicago for a partner, however, only young girls sat there.

I understand that this is an organization with young players who do not have children, including me. It was something new, unrecognizable, in any case a big change.

Now, after all these years, we are all different, all of us forming the core of the team, we are seeing differences, “said Blackhawks TV’s excellent wanderer, who on July 1, 2009 signed a” jastrab “contract for twelve years $ 62.8 million.

Last November, his wife, Janka, gave birth to the other girl – to Zoja’s early three-year-old Mia.

I did not know exactly what to expect from parenting, but now I know it and I enjoy it all. When a little man welcomes you after a failed match, he smiles at you, so you forget the evil things right away.

It recharges you with energy. When I was still homeless, I tried to relax, rest. Now you can forget about it. You lash and the kids start jumping, you can start playing with them. Sleep is ruled out at such times, “commented the old native with a smile. He chose short names.

Marián Hossa chose both short names and happy with them.” It was very easy.We went to the Internet, we traded American and Slovak names, we chose with our wife a circle of favorites.

They stayed three-four, and when it got closer, we narrowed it. We had a system and we are happy, “he told the waiter after the discussion moderator announced that Katie had named her hamster after Marian’s daughter Zoji.

When asked about a plenary question with which players from the current cadre would The star wings, in theory, forbade their daughters to “blow up,” with a smile, said, “I’d give you a list. I do not want to name anyone, “joked the older Hosscov hockey brothers.