It is irrelevant who the unit, says Schmiedlová

Bucharest. Slovak women’s tennis has a new unit – Carolina Schmiedlova. In the turbulent period when Dominika Cibulková still falls in the position after the March operation pause the left leg, Daniela Hantuchová has performance zenith over and Magdaléna Rybáriková serves outstanding performances for a chance yet to 20-year-old Schmiedlová.

The first of Sloveniek, which this year won two tournaments on the main WTA circuit and also the only one to have played three times in the tournament title.Lose or set

After the February premiere finals on clay in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and April’s triumph on a hard surface in the hall in Katowice clay title came from Bucharest.

And not just any. In five matches he aug not allow even a single set tie-break to play in the final against Italian favorite, Sare Errani. She can not believe but she should. She played amazing tennis. Schmiedlova d. Errani in Bucharest final, 7-6 (3), 6-3. – TennisNow (@Tennis_Now) July 19, 2015

“Errani makes very few mistakes, and on clay is difficult to climb. The decisive tie-break was where I was by the score of 3: 3 Jinx four very good ball.In the second set it was still a hard fight, gems long, but I wanted to quit and not go into the third set. I managed to get it and I can say that this is probably my most valuable success in his career, “she returned to the winner’s final 7: 6 (3), 6: 3 Schmiedlová.

“It turned out that preparation on clay after Wimbledon was very good quality. The whole week I took place without major fluctuations and it was fundamental to the overall success. Last year it was the opposite. In Bucharest I then losing in 1st round and got into a minor crisis. “It will be even higher

the young Košičanka in the latest edition of the world rankings appeared to

Post national unit appreciates and enjoys from it, but in the same breath reminds us: “He is not too significant, who is the drive. I wish we all Slovaks drifted up and was perhaps even in the top twenty rankings . ”

For the General Secretary Igora Mošku STZ is Schmiedlova parade in Bucharest is very good news for the Slovak women’s tennis.

“I’ve said it many times – Kaja Schmiedlová moves well, has excellent condition, solid basic punches and service. It’s a great base to increasingly reached such success as in Bucharest.After Daniele Hantuchovej, Dominika Cibulkova and partly Magde Rybárikovej us grow other toys to world leaders, “said Moskal.

It is also convinced that the older of the sisters Schmiedlova will continue to rise in the world rankings.” I that this win far not said the last word, after all, will still only 21 years old. And post Slovakian units would have had to supply other necessary confidence, “added the official STZ.Summary of the title Slovak tenistiek to the WTA in singles (in total 34):

Henrieta Nagyová (9 successes)

Daniela Hantuchová (7)

Magdaléna Rybáriková (4 )

Dominika Cibulková (4)

Radka Zrubáková (3) *

Martina Suchá (2)

Karolína Schmiedlová (2)

Jarmila Gajdošová (2) *

Karina Cíleková-Habšudová (1) *

* Gajdošová both titles obtained both as Representative of Australia, Zrubáková times won tournament that player of the former Czechoslovakia