Injured Bližňák misses at least 7 duels: Slovan against Podolsk with Kopriv and Moses

BRATISLAVA – Slovakian deputy at KHL Slovan Bratislava will have to fight without the attacker Maria Bližňák in the coming weeks. The center of the first line of “belasy” injured his knee, will not come to the next three home matches and does not go to the next trip after the riders.

Twenty-six-year Slovak representative omit at least seven matches. Bližňák injured in Tuesday’s best betting site offers meeting with Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod in an unfortunate collision with Mark Daňom and the duel did not play. On Wednesday, he underwent magnetic resonance testing, which confirmed the concerns of coach Rostislav Chad. “With Bližňák it looks very best betting offers bad.It was a tough situation, Marko Daňo wanted to attack the opponent and shot Bližňák, “ said

Peter Ölvecký will be the first to attack Bližňák in the first attack, Tomáš Netík on the other hand. The third attack center centers with Martin Bakoš and Hudakko and Kukumberg.The fourth attack of the youngsters will be played by T. Mikus, Kolen and R. Mraz. Marko Daňo should be the third striker.

In the goal of Slovan, Vojtěch Podolsk should again come back to Czech Miroslav Kopriva, who for the second time in the new season will take precedence over team Jaroslav Janus.

Twenty-year-old native of Kladno debuted in the KHL’s “belashy” jersey in the third match of the 2013/2014 season on Dinamo Minsk, where Slovan lost 0: 2. The nettle had a 94.4 percent success in the duel.Slovan has a good result at the start of the new season, with only five points and a score of 6:17 for the five games.

Predicted: Skull, Sersen, Kutlák, Sigalet, Štajnoch, Mojžíš – Miklík, Ölvecký, Vondrka online betting offers – Netík, J. Mikuš, Bartovič – Kukumberg, Bakoš, Hudáček –