Hrbaty: Djokovic’s first win on clay does not mean anything

BRATISLAVA. Novak Djokovic did not breath even when changing surfaces. Not only did he stretch his amazing series this year to 32 winning matches, but also beat for the first time in Rafael Nadal’s career on clay at home in Madrid. At the bottom of the surface he managed to free online bets make it to the tenth attempt.

The most interesting fact, however, is that a Serbian tennis player can reach the top of the world rankings after the clay season.

“The world unit’s position is no longer endangered, but is lost. Novak plays great, I have nothing to do but work on myself, “Nadal told Mallorca holds Roger Federer as a post of world trophy since 2004.He can be a unit at the end of the week, Serb defends at the nearest Rome tournament and only 365 points at Grand Slam Roland Garros, while Spaniard up to 3000. Belgrade’s native can get to the post of the world unit at the end of the week, If he won a tournament in Rome and Nadal would not get to the semifinals at least.

The real strength of Djokovic on the clay will also appear according to Dominique Hrbatý to Rome. “There are specific conditions in Madrid that are nowhere else. The cognac is totally different from what is used outside.There are ideal conditions, it is a straight and fast court that is very similar to a hard surface, so Djokovic has an advantage. “

The assistant of the Slovak trainer Marian Vajda has improved everywhere but the most striking is his psychological resistance And a condition that slowly approaches Nadal.

However, the change in the canteen is also an excellent form. Serbian adjusted it for gluten allergy. “I can not eat pasta, pizza or bread. Therefore, I have lost my budget, but I feel physically excellent, “he said recently.Video // Finals of the final match of Madrid Hrbatý favors Roland Garros Nadal According to the former semi-finalist Roland Garros Hrbatý, the second Grand Slam tournament is still favorite Nadal.

“Winning three sets with Nadal requires 100% ready. Especially if it’s on clay. Djokovic’s game is extremely physically demanding because it plays everything close to the line. The balls play shortly after the jump, which can happen at every bounce of the ball right into the defensive. If they meet, it will matter if they catch the start of the match, because then they could have problems, “added Hrbaty.

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