How this goal can recognize? He wondered keeper.

It was a riveting drama that did not end for a long time. Tuesday’s game between the NHL and hockey players Anaheim NY Islanders had to decide shootout, specifically to their fourteenth series. Thrilling spectacle, which also contributed to the Czech striker Andrew Duck Porridge, however, said the controversial moment of the twelfth series …

For the Islanders at the time he was starting his attempt to twenty-seven Canadian defender Thomas Hickey and knew that, if anti goalkeeper Jonathan Bernier succeeds, his team loses.

Hickey pulled in front of the goal disc on backhand, and then send him under Bernierův concrete. The judge acknowledged the goal, but goalkeeper Ducks started to protest. He was confident that the goal was achieved in violation of the rules, as Hickey pushed his stick on concrete and mainly because the puck ended up in the goal.

“I think it was quite evident. I did surgery, my skates directed precisely to the bar, as I wanted, and he pushed me, “Bernier was upset after the match.

Referee finally persuaded to go to the video review the situation after his views but did not change the verdict. “The goal is true,” said the arbitrators.

“I thought that you can not achieve a goal, when you push gólmanův concrete with the puck under him over the goal line,” marveled Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle. His charges last fall, the fourteenth in the series has held a triumph of Islanders defender Nick Leddy.