Höflová-Rieschová majsterka světa v superkombinácii, Gantnerová 22.

SCHLADMING – German skiing Maria Höflová-Rieschová won the gold medal in the supercombination at the 42nd World Championships in Alpine disciplines.On the silver ladder, she pulled Tina Maze to Slovenia (+0.46), and in Schladming, Austria, the home audience enjoyed the first medal thanks to Nicole Hospova (+1.00).

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Tina Maze, Maria Höflová-Rieschová and Nicole Hospová  Maria Höflová-Rieschová  Maria Höflová-Rieschová  Maria Höflová- The super-G Maze winner was also in the second gold medal contest.Together with Anna Anna Fenninger, Austria, the fastest time was in the race, with Rakusanka Elisabeth Görgl behind 5 hundred. The biggest rival of the Slovenian superstar, however, was Nemca Maria Höflová-Rieschová with a man of two tenths. </p>
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Michalius Kirchgasserov was the best winner of the slalom game. Despite the fact that she almost fell and lost a lot of time, she has long led. Eventually, it was only fourth and second in the “national championship”, as the Austrians occupied positions 3 to 6. Then came the German routine and when Fenninger fell out, she was only waiting for Maze.But the sovereign best scenery of the present day has made a mistake in the middle of the slope, and below it has no room to overcome the precision of Riesch’s performance.

“I can not believe it. she has taken every medal and this gold is a sensation I really did not feel comfortable in this winter and I still had a lot of pitching in the slalom, but now I am thrilled that luck has been attracted to me today, it is really a great feeling because Tina is now almost insurmountable, and when it’s done in the championships, it’s just fantasy, “ has won the ORF winner.

German racer has won at MS his fourth medal and his second gold medal in 2009.He also has Olympic titles in slalom and supercombination. And since there is no big globe in the showcase of SP, she is the queen of supercombination, a discipline that has the success of the old alpine combination for only a few years.

“Of course I’m dissatisfied with I was surprised to see Maria, but I was too bragging, but on the other hand, it’s not always possible to win, I have again won a medal, and that’s a success, “Maze said, . Obviously it was a shame that in the supercombination it was again “only” silver. In addition to the two metals, Slovinka has two titles and one silver, five silver medals have to be assigned to five medals from the World Cup, so at the top events it has a balance of 2-5-0. Slovenka Jana Gantnerová obsadila 22ndbar with a loss of 8.66 s. It did not come out of the first part when it started with the starting number 26 at the same position and with a huge loss of 6.44 seconds. After another start, it went down to the 38th position and the improved slalom was only partially helped.

MS in Schladming: Supercombination (run + slalom): 2: 39.92 min, 2. Tina Maze (Slovenia) +0.46 s, 3. Nicole Hospova +1.00, 4. Michaela Kirchgasser +1.64, 5.

Kathrin Zettelová +1,79, 6. Elisabeth Görgl (all Austria) +2,32, 7. Sofia Goggi (Tal.) +2,77, 8. Julia Mancus (USA) +3,33, 9. Sara Hector Swede.) +3.67, 10. Dominique Gisin (Switzerland) +3.68,…22.Jana Gantnerová (SR) +8,66