Gombos did not take the chances, but Kliman was sovereign

Constance, BRATISLAVA. Intention to Slovak team lead after the first day of the match the second round of Group I of the Euro-African zone of the Davis Cup in Romania 2: 0 didn’t work.

In the opening fight Copil – Gombos on clay in Konstanz Slovak tennis player hesitated, she did not use their chances. The second meeting Ungur – Kližan have visitors was clearly the favorite.

On Saturday from 14:00 CEST playing doubles Tecau, Mergea – A. Martin, Zelenay, but it is not excluded that the Slovakian pair Martin Kližan will replace originally nominated Andreja Martina.

The team progressing to relegation to participate in the elite world group will be decided in Sunday’s singles. Copil scored 26 es

Norbert Gombos (126ththe ATP) in the opening singli not confirm a rumor that v Davis Cup play better than in tournaments.

Although he compared Marius Copil (180) Ranking better position on the court in the key moments turned off to the better performance of domestic tennis player.

In the fourth Sete (for the state of 1: 2 in sets for Romanians) Gombos led 5: 2, but even that was not enough. Romanian tennis player caught a second wind and scored to 5: 5, then played tie-break.

In it Gombos again won 5: 2, but subsequently trailing 5: 6th Made use of two setbaly, Copil converted fourth match point. Copil in critical moments pulled great color, scored 26 es.Kližan he does whatever you want

In the second singles allowed left-handed Klizan (38) Jinx Ungur (199) only six games in the third set gave him a canary.

From state 4: 4 in the first set acquired Slovak tennis player six games in a row. His victory was not in doubt. Played advocacy, good service most winning Shaman fought hard but accurate forehand. He did on the court, whatever you want.

Kližan it in this form should overcome the Copila in Sunday’s combat units of both teams. Uncertain is who will be adding a third point that Slovakia received in the September promotion round to World Group. Votes:

Gombos with Copile has played.He knows it from common training. “He has a very good first serve and offensive game, but plays better on hard than on clay. I hope I get to Slovakia first point,” he said.

An important role was played when the current captain of the Romanian Andrei Pavel choice. He won both the singles and has also succeeded in doubles alongside her compatriot Gabriela Trifua.

in February won in Bratislava the first group I of the Euro-African zone of Slovenia 5: 0th If you can handle the duel in Romania fall into the September promotion round to World Group.

Nehrajúci captain Miloslav Mečíř nominated to Romania quartet Martin Kližan, Norbert Gombos, Andrej Martin and Igor Zelenay.Duel will start meeting Romanian troops Marius Copila the Slovak number two Gombos.

Estimated start is set for 12 hour.