Confirmed. Terry leaves Chelsea after the end of the season

LONDON. John Terry has confirmed that he will leave Chelsea FC after the end of the current season.

The trainer of the English masters terminates the contract this summer, but the club has decided not to extend it. John Terry has announced he will leave Chelsea at the end of the season.MORE: – ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) January 31, 2016

Terry himself said he does not want to continue his career in England, but he’s still not decided where to go. One is sure – he wants to go on.

“It will not end like a best online betting offers fairy tale, I will not end a player career in Chelsea, it will be somewhere else but I do not know where.Now I’m just concentrating on doing the best for my team, “said the legendary hitchhiker who went to Chelsea in 1998. When Frank Lampard left for a long time, it was said that the former English representative is irreplaceable The same goes on after Terry’s surprising announcement.

“No player is bigger than a club. Chelsea moves forward and signs 1-2 quality stopwatch.I’m very happy to stay, but this team has gone in another direction, “West Ham United said sadly.

Terry’s next steps are unclear, but according to the English media he could follow other legendary English footballers, Steven Gerrard Frank Lampard, who left for the MLS US football competition. “It is definitely not going to be a club in the English Premier League, I would not do that to my fan,” said Terry, who has dropped this season from a basic set of troublesome Blue

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Another possible destination for Terry could be China, where several well-known footballers, headed by Gervinh and Terry’s former teammate Ramires, crossed this transfer period.Most of Chelsea jerseys Ron Harris (1960-81) 795 Peter Bonetti (1960-75, 1976-79) 729 John Terry (1998-) 696

One of the first football figures to comment on Terry’s departure from England was Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian coach called Terry “the captain of all the captains,” and he was looking for a lot of luck in the future. John Terry is playing Chelsea FC legend

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