Bohemia celebrated the 500th league match with Tottenham

Goalkeeper Petr Čech from Arsenal in Sunday’s derby with Tottenham Sunday snapped the jubilee 500th league match in his career. Former Czech representative contributed to the 1: 1 draw, with his team being in fourth place with a two-point loss to the Liverpool footballer.

“Five matches in league competitions are definitely not enough and I have That joy, “said a former goalie Blsan, Sparty, Rennes and Chelsea on his website. “It shows that I’ve maintained some performance throughout my career so I have the trust of my coaches, and when I’m healthy, those numbers are jumping up, and I hope to add something.” >

Arsenal took the lead when Tottenham took the lead Wimmer shortly before the break. Home equalized at 51.Minute of penalty from which Czechs beat Kane. “I risked the side and the shot missed just above my hip It’s a shame If the balloon walked a little closer to me I may have set it off but nothing can be done,” said the Czech goalkeeper. / P>

“It’s a pity that we did not reach the winner’s end when we did 1-0, but we have to admit that the opponent has come to life after equalizing, it has grown to be self-confident and we have dropped out of the rhythm. “Arsenal has the same points as the third Manchester City, the other Chelsea is losing a point and Liverpool heads two.He then divides three points from Tottenham fifth. “We wanted to win to stay at the top and bring Liverpool to Chelsea, but we finally get the point,” said the Czech.

“We have kept a series of matches without defeat Of all competitions that has already reached sixteen matches, “added a goalkeeper who now has a two-week break after the end of his career. “I will be able to train well and there will be more time for regeneration,” described the upcoming program.

“Most of the teammates will online vedonlyonti go to the event and there will be very little, “ said. “But we train normally, and we’re always being supplemented by a player from the reserve to get enough of us.” vedonlyöntibonukset “It’s quite challenging,” he added.