Austria Vídeň – Astra Giurgiu

If you want to have both teams before the last round best possible starting position, the point of this duel will be few. Austria is at the moment the closest gain second place. If she could win a second group, definitively banish chance to practice Astra. And if in this scenario Pilsen succeed fully in Rome, the whole Austrian celebrate prematurely.

Both mančafty nepyšní is a very strong defensive nine goals against in the last four rounds is quite unflattering number. On the other hand, they can score goals. Astra them recorded five, even eight Austria. Already the first mutual match, which fell five altogether top live betting precise interventions might be promising once again attacking spectacle.

The Austrian club has teams of the Romanian balanced budget, four out of ten matches won, tied three and lost three. But Astra opponents from Austria does not know how. Already in the penultimate season in the Europa League fell in both Salzburg and even in the current year, this statistic can not improve in September.

The club from the city of Giurgiu severity of the financial difficulties, so any spring fighting on the European scene would again brought some ducks into the boxes. And it is certainly a big motivation for the team coach Marius Sumudicy that have failed to fulfill the ambitions in the league and up to ten. On the other hand, after the national team managed to break out to bring down Craiova.

Astra will be in Vienna in any case strategize. Sumudica realizes that the situation dictates to score fullest. “We will attack,” he promised. “We are preparing for the game of life and death. I believe that my players will do everything to win and we hope to have before the last round. I would say that when we succeed, at 80 to 90 percent really escalate.”

Austria needs to be far more careful especially in defense. Last tall defeat 2: 4 with Roman adversary lot pochroumala her confidence, then they had a home in the league suffered unexpected Boer from Altach. Dress rehearsal for the current key encounter but came out solidly violets, keep a clean sheet and tutored Ried 2: 0th

Sporting director Franz Wohlfahrt would any other Plichta doing any science. In the worst case, Austria would still have to fight to advance in Pilsen. “We are pleased that we are actually now in a position like we played the play-offs,” he said. “I wish in any case, we can ensure that everything before the eighth of December.”